Border Collie Puppies

Bred for temperament, health,
conformation and character

We are delighted to announce a gorgeous litter from Abby (Mastamariner Blackthorn) to Barney (Mastamariner Ice Man), an outstanding young man and a true Mastamariner owned by Mrs Lucy Root.

Border Collie Portrait Mastamariner Blackthorn

Mastamariner Blackthorn

Abby is the daughter of our beloved elder statesman and the icon of Mastmariner Border Collies, Hercules (Mastamariner First Officer) and our lovely, gentle Esther (Mastamariner Corvette) and a grand daughter of Cider (Caristan Cider of Mastamariner). We expect this litter to produce puppies of equally kind and gentle character to that of their parents, grandparents and Great grandparents.

Abby is a beautiful and classic border collie, clever but very willing and full of fun, like her mother Esther (Mastamariner Corvette) Abby never gets bored of being the centre of attention and revels in her role as hostess to the residental guest at our Hampshire based dog training organisation, Training 4 Dogs taking new arrivals and return guest under her wing and quickly putting them at ease.

Border Colie Dog Barney

Mastamariner Ice Man

We are endebted to Mrs Lucy Root who generously allowed us to "borrow" Barney when Abby's intended stud was indisposed. Barney proved to be a not just a kind and charming companion, a delightful house guest, a sociable and accomodating gentleman but also a first class stud dog and excellent sire. Barney epitomises the qualities that we look for in our breeding programme, temperament, temperament and temperament as well as sociablity, kindness, health, outstanding character and of course wonderful classic good looks.

We are very proud to have bred dogs such as Barney and hope to see more of this gorgeous young gentleman in the future.


Hercules - Abby's Father
Mastamariner First Officer

Gentle, trusting, kind - and very very beautiful. Hercules has qualified for Crufts for life and holds his Kennel Club Stud Book Number. Hercules is the son of our very special Cider (RIP) a brother to Scrumpy, a half brother to Esther and the father of Ruth, Rachel, Britannia and Spitfire.

Esther - Abby's Mother
Mastamariner Corvette

Esther is at the heart of our home, into everything, onto everything, always there, always at the centre of everything. In her time Esther was a great natural mother and raised her pups impeccably now she has turned her attention to excelling as a doting grandmother and great grandmother who will baby sit any and every pupppy to which she can manage to gain access. Esther is the red carrier and during her breeding life produced 7 red and white puppies including the gorgeous Petra.

Woody - Barney's Father
Bekkis Virtuoso CDex UDex WDex TDex
photograph courtesy - Anna Åström

Woody is a Grandson of Show Champion Bekkis Kitemark and Show Champion Bekkis Genesis. Grandson of Show Champion Brooksbid Country Classic. Son of Sh.Ch. Grandver Master Copy, nephew to Petra and Esther.

Woody has a very kind and gentle temperament coupled with excellent working drive and outstanding conformation, he is Crufts qualified for life, has been awarded 4 Reserve Challenge Certificates in the Show Ring and achieved the highest standard in the demanding discipline of Working Trials.


Cider - Hercules' and Esther's Mother
Abby's Grandmother
Caristan Cider of Mastamariner
photograph courtesy - Anna Åström

Cider was a very special Border Collie, the mother of Hercules, Scrumpy and Esther, Grandmother to Abby, Petra, Ruth, Rachel, and Britannia, sister to Merry, Aunt to Deborah and Great Grandmother to Spitfire. Cider is very much missed at Mastamariner, we are endebted to our beloved friend for the many qualities she lavished on her decendents and our warm memories of of her remain undiminished by time.

Show Champion Caristan Champers
Hercules' Father
photograph courtesy - Ward

We are not commercial breeders, we care very deeply about the homes in which our puppies will live. Before enquiring about puppies please read the conditions on the Puppy Homing Conditions Page of our web site very carefully, we are very choosy about the homes in which our puppies will live.

We only allow our puppies to go to loving, permanent homes with daytime company and lots of fun and affection. We only consider homes where children are older (at least 12 years or above) so that there will be time to be dedicated to the care and nurturing of a new family member and where a puppy will valued as an individual. We favour homes that have previous experience of dog ownership and who understand the time and commitment needed to fulfill the expectations and needs of a young dog.
Please note that;

Abby's puppies will be;

  • eye tested and health checked before 8 weeks of age,
  • permanently identified by microchip at 7 weeks of age,
  • registered with The Kennel Club,
  • endorsed with breeding and export restrictions
  • wormed with Panacur at 2, 5 and 7 weeks of age
  • insured prior to leaving for their new homes

Enquiries are welcome from loving, permanent homes with daytime company and lots of fun and affection. We particularly favour homes where any children are older and from those prospective owners who own, or have previously owned, dogs.

Please note that we do not sell puppies as potential show, working or breeding "stock" and all our puppies are registered with breeding and export restrictions to protect them, we do not make exceptions to this rule, puppies are never available to homes where there is no human company for them during the day.

These puppies will be raised in our home in a, stimulating, loving, clean, safe environment, they will be Kennel Club Registered, microchipped, eye tested, health checked, thoroughly wormed, insured, inoculated with a minimum of their first jab, socialised with dogs, adults and children and very well cuddled!

We offer unlimited advice and help to our new puppy owners both before and after puppy goes home and we always take back any puppy or dog, of any age, that we have bred who, due to changed circumstances cannot be kept.
Before considering the ownership of a puppy please read and take to heart the information and conditions set out on our Puppy Homing Conditions Page.

These puppies are for life!

Caristan Cider of Mastamariner
Hercules' and Esther's Mother

Abby's Grandmother

Please don't e-mail us regarding the availability of puppies unless you have read and understood both the important notes below and the information contained on our Puppy Homing Conditions Page.

If you have read and understood the conditions under which we home our puppies, have noted the additional information regarding dog ownership contained on this site and wish to enquire further regarding Abby and Barneys' litter you may e-mail us from here but check our Request for Information and Conditions of Homing first or we will not be able to deal with your enquiry.

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